Album Covers Cards

Using toggle function to flip a card

Javascript, css, toggle

Shopping Recipe App

Set with Webpack and Babel

Webpack, Babel, Async and Await

Recipe app

Javascript with node.js

Node.js, Express, MongoDB

Pig Game

Game made with Javascript

DOM Manipulation, functions


Playing with libraries

JS libraries

Ruckwäter website

With Netlify CMS

Nuxt, CMS, state

Music Quiz

A quiz made with Javascript

Loops, Object Oriented Programming

Javascript clock

it's time to quit

Animation, libraries, methods

Color Game

What's the color?

DOM Manipulation, Loops, Event listeners

Budget App

Made only with Vanilla js

Event handler, Closures, Data input, IIFE

Image Gallery

With grid and flexbox(Refactored 2020)

Flexbox, grid, BEM,