My name is Ricardo Moreira and I am a Web developer and entrepreneur. I was born in Portugal but I live in Finland with my wife and 2 daughters. As a web developer I created Good Stuff Creations.

There I create web products mostly for small business, helping them to grow their presence online, with websites, digital markketing and SEO. I also create tutorials about coding where hopefully I can help someone to learn something about coding. As a parent who had(has) day job was a challenge to find the time to code while have to work and spending time with the kids and wife, so I pretend to help any coding parent out there.

Web development was not always my life as I spent many years working for hospitality. From bars, hotel to restaurants, from waiter to kitchen helper, manager, or owner I did a bit of all. So even that I work in web development I still work in hospitality as a Manager in a Restaurant.

As a kid in a toy store, I easily get interested about new projects and ideas, so I am preparing a new project this one more food based and focused in local produce. In this webpage you can get to know a bit more about my projects and also about other things that interest me like music, food and other subjects. Keep an eye on my Blog as I try to updated weekly. feel free to connect with me here or with the bluebird help for any question that may arise you.